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Quality Assurance Engineer @ Distancify, fulltime employment

We are hiring for the role Quality Assurance (QA) engineer. This is not a new role at Distancify, and we will make sure you get the needed training in order to get you up to speed.

Following is a description of what this role involves, which qualifications we are looking for and what to expect in our hiring process.

About Distancify

Founded in 2017, Distancify is an ecommerce consultancy company based in Sweden. We are a small team of 11 people, but together we have many years of experience with ecommerce.

Our goal is to give our clients the best possible end-to-end solutions of the highest possible quality, ranging from warehouse logistics to end-user shopping experience.

Currently we have offices in Sweden and Baia Mare, Romania, but as an employee you are free to be located wherever you feel/want.

About this role

QA is our last defense against bugs and misunderstandings before we deliver our work to the client. As a QA engineer you will be an integrated part of our team, working closely together with all both developers, product owners and to some extent also our clients. We see QA as an important role which is both challenging and fulfilling, once you are up to speed.

Your daily tasks will include:

  • Ensuring that testing and quality is a central part of the teams deliveries
  • Develop automated acceptance tests the developers are to take care of the unit tests
  • Manual testing in cases where the automated tests are not possible or feasible
  • Exploratory- and security testing
  • Demo the teams' deliveries to our customers
  • Development and configuration of test environments
  • Make sure the product is as efficient and optimized as possible in every step of the development process


A common idiom states that “The devil is in the detail”, this is in general true for software development, but is extremely true within QA which requires a meticulous nature. This requires you to be a good observer and pay attention to details.

You will need to be a social person as you will have a central role interacting with a lot of different people. The communication will mainly be in English, and therefore an excellent English communication skill both written and verbal is a must.

The business of software development is moving fast so you will need to be curious and enjoy investigating new stuff, mainly in relation to new testing tools and processes, but you should enjoy to take stuff apart to figure out how it works. It’s no requirement that you can put them back together again. In general, you should have an eye for errors and things differing from the normal.

Good programming skills are important as you will both be writing automated tests and have daily interaction with our programmers. We expect you to have at least basic knowledge of one or more frameworks for automated testing.

We assume you have good knowledge on testing methodologies like TDD and BDD as well as the most common types of testing, such as: unit tests, integration tests and exploratory testing.

Additionally, it would be fantastic if you have experience from the retail business, preferably ecommerce, and basic knowledge on logistics. However, this isn’t a requirement.

Pros and cons

Every job has downsides, and this one is no exception. People usually learn about these things after they join a company, but we think it’s important to highlight them in advance:

  • Since we are working in sprints of three weeks, there is always a risk of a high workload towards the end of the sprint, since the tasks in a sprint have a tendency to get pile up in the end of the sprint.
  • We are a young company, and we are still defining how we work. This may lead to changes in our processes with short notice. Generally, it is discussed within the company over a period of weeks.
  • The whole team is part of a standby (on-call) duty, which you will also be a part of when you are up to speed with the daily work.
  • Repetitious tasks can occur during manual testing. However, this is often a hint for lacking test automatization.

Luckily, we think this job has many more good things to offer and here are some examples:

  • A high degree of team spirt, where everybody is helping and supporting each other across roles, both on a personal and professional level.
  • A high focus on skill development, we want our employees to be the best
  • Flexibility to place your working hours so that it fits your personal life (in cooperation with the team)
  • Office in central Baia Mare (Bulevardul Unirii 20), but you are allowed to work from other locations as well
  • 6 weeks paid vacation per year
  • 10% occupational pension of gross salary
  • Company gatherings. In 2018, the whole company met twice, once in Italy and once in Sweden, and in 2019 we will gather in Portugal and Sweden
  • We give you the opportunity to choose your own equipment

What to expect from our hiring process

We don’t want you to feel surprised during hiring process, which is why we describe it below. We strive to get back to you as soon as possible and the response times mentioned is worst case scenario:

  • Send your resume (CV) or your publicly viewable LinkedIn profile to, along with a paragraph or two about why you’re interested. We’ll send a quick response as soon as possible to let you know we received your message.
  • If we think you may be a good fit we’ll follow up to schedule an online video call. This will be a 15 to 45 minute chat to learn more about your background and interests, and to answer any initial questions you may have about Distancify and this role. We’ll follow up within two business days of your call to let you know if we’d like to move forward or not.
  • The next step is an informal meeting over a cup of coffee or a lunch with one or two employees from the Baia Mare office to see if you are a good cultural match to the office and Distancify in general. We’ll follow up within two business days after the meeting to let you know if we’d like to move forward or not.
  • As it is our goal only to hire the best candidates and create teams of excellency, we would like you to perform two online tests:
    • An English test where, the goal is determine your level of English.
    • A Programming test where, the goal is to determine your ability to write code. The test is programming language-agnostic (you can to a large degree choose which language to use) and the assignment is mainly concentrated around logical thinking.
  • Within two business days after you have performed both tests, we will provide you with the results of the tests and let you know if we’d like to proceed or not.
  • The last interview step is an on-site interview. This may take one full working day. The goal is to finally verify that you are the right fit for this position and, most importantly, that Distancify is the right fit for you, as Distancify is planning for a long-term cooperation.

Our on-site interviews will consist of a series of about four 30 to 60-minute discussions and mock working sessions. Each will be with one or two Distancify employees, and will be structured to be as similar as possible to the actual work you’d be doing and you’ll have lots of opportunities to ask us questions. Our goal is to give you an accurate impression of what the role entails and what our company is like, so that you too can assess whether we’re a good fit or not.

  • After the onsite interview will we do internal review session of all candidates, and you should get an answer within five working days.
  • The final step is closing the job contract which includes offer negotiation, which most likely will be done through an online video call.

Important dates for this position

Please send us your application as soon as possible to

On-site interviews is currently planned to take place during start of June 2019. This is subject to change.

Depending a bit on staffing during summer, are we aiming at starting onboarding in August 2019. But of course this is something we agree on during contract negotiation.

A few extra things to know

At Distancify we have a 40h work week (unless other is negotiated), and our goal is that nobody should need to work nights or weekends. Our normal office hours in Baia Mare is 08:00 to 17:00 local time, with one hour lunch break.

Currently, we are mainly using Microsoft technologies, mostly for historical reasons. Development is done in the Microsoft .NET framework using C# (programming language). For unit tests we use, and for isolation Moq. For BDD do we use SpecFlow and Selenium.

Our handbook is available as open source on GitHub, feel free to have a look in it to learn about our internal processes.

Besides the company meetups you should expect some travel activity, but we contact each other and our costumers through online video meetings as often as possible. This saves us unproductive travel time and saves the environment.

The future

Nothing is, definitive; this includes this role at Distancify. We want employees who wish to grow, and who do not see the sky as a limit. With this QA job you start a career at Distancify, and we want you to reach for the stars, develop yourself, your skills, your career and hopefully all of this as a part of Distancify.