There is something wrong with the IT industry. Companies that want to grow in the digital market have to take focus off their core business in order to juggle multiple suppliers and consultants. Vendors don’t want to cooperate, and go out of their way to lock companies into their platforms or services. Through clever contracts and questionable tactics such as proprietary data formats and systems closed for outside experts, they make sure that moving to a different platform is more expensive than staying.

We started Distancify to change this. We want you to pay for the value we provide, not the hours we spend. We’d love to collaborate with you and your partners. We have no interest of locking you into a 24-month contract, and we go out of our way to help you spend less time thinking of IT. You only pay us for as long as we provide any value.

It’s actually really simple.

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If you like our way of thinking, or want to hear more, feel free to give us a call at +46 10-480 89 60 or shoot us an email at info@distancify.com.