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A desire to change the industry

Founded in 2017 by two tech entrepreneurs, Kristoffer Lindvall and Johan Davidsson, Distancify was set to reinvent the digital agency concept.

We started with the premise that there is something wrong with the IT industry. eCommerce companies have to take the focus off their core business in order to juggle multiple suppliers and consultants. Vendors don’t want to cooperate and go out of their way to lock companies into their platforms or services. Through clever contracts and questionable tactics such as proprietary data formats and systems closed for outside experts, they make sure that moving to a different platform is more expensive than staying.

We want to change that, and it is actually really simple - we want you to pay for the value we provide, not for the logged hours. Besides that, we have no interest in locking you into a 24-month contract.

Throughout the years, we managed to build a team of 13 professionals, bonded by the constant need for progress and innovation. We like to say that we are hiring talent where it is - our team is spread in different parts of Europe: Sweden, Romania and Spain, and we have every intention to cover the whole globe if that means getting the best talent.

We choose to work with ambitious companies

We work with cutting-edge technology and push for innovative solutions every time we get the chance to or when a new opportunity arises. In this way, you will always be one step ahead of others. But this requires trust, ambition, excitement, and eagerness for innovation.

Moreover, there is a clear difference between what clients want and what they really need, and here is where our work makes a difference. During the strategy meetings, we find out what you want, then we make sure to identify together what is really needed, and when it is the right time for implementation.

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Meet the team

Kristoffer Lindvall


Johan Davidsson


Levente Fuksz

Software Engineer

Paul Bîrsan

Software Engineer

Christopher Lindblom

Software Engineer

Vlad Mihai Szabo

Software Engineer

Oscar Näzell

Software Engineer

Desiré Bergqvist

UX/UI Designer

Rebecca Åblad

Management Assistant

Cristina Florica Pop

Communications Specialist

Ștefan Sorin Szekeli

Support Engineer

Gunnar Hellsten


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