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Part of our mission to reinvent the digital agency concept is finding the right people to join our team. We like to say that we are hiring talent where it is - our team is spread in different parts of Europe: Sweden, Romania and Spain, and we have every intention to cover the whole globe if that means getting the best talent.

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We are always on the lookout for great talent. If you think your experience and/or skill set might be valuable for us and our clients, feel free to send us an open application to jobs@distancify.com. We would love to hear from you!

Working at Distancify

➔ We value work-life balance - we look at our employees from a holistic perspective. We take interest in their partners or family, and try to find solutions to make their life better. Therefore, we make sure to offer all our employees the same benefits package, regardless of where they are located.

➔ We encourage our employees to have an active lifestyle and we do our best to find time to exercise together, during lunchtime or after work. Most of the time, we challenge one another and aim for more, faster, better.

➔ We like to say that teamwork is always a good idea - we are more efficient, innovate faster, create healthy competition, learn from each other, and form strong working relationships.

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Our team is hand-picked with highly competent and experienced individuals, bonded by the constant need for progress and innovation, which leads to delivering high business value both for us and our clients.

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