Our approach

We like to say that our prices reflect the value we deliver, not the logged working hours. Trust, support, and challenging and inspiring each other all along the journey, will define our collaboration. This kind of collaboration creates a solid base for innovation and for the development of ambitious projects.

We will have regular meetings with you in order to establish a common vision of what is most important in the following months, as well as to discuss your business strategies and goals for the next year or two. Knowing where you are heading means that we can plan for our collaboration long-term, and implement scalable solutions from start, to guarantee an efficient eCommerce platform at any time.

Most of the time, features billed hourly take longer than expected, and we know you do not want that. We want you to pay per feature requested, therefore, our software engineers estimate the effort required for each feature in points, and you pay based on the cost of those points, regardless of whether the work took longer than estimated or not.

We have high standards, both for the way we write code and the people we choose to work with. Our software engineers and designers are hand-picked; they go through a thorough recruitment process and we only choose the best. To ensure they write high-quality code, our software engineers always check and approve each other's code before release.

We use cutting-edge technologies to create and tailor powerful eCommerce solutions for you. Moreover, we will be in direct contact with your external IT suppliers to make sure all integrations are implemented according to the specifications.

We deliver projects and features bug-free, with a warranty of 6 months. Unexpected behaviors are inevitable and might arise occasionally, hence our engineers stand by their work and will fix any bugs resulting from their code, at no cost to you during the warranty time.

Business x Design x Technology x You

There are multiple layers in doing eCommerce. Some are easy to see, some are hidden and yet to be discovered. Therefore we choose to work with companies that are willing to leave their doors open for us to meet the people, build trust, understand the processes, the struggles, and get to know their products. eCommerce is not solely about the variables that influence online purchases, it is about all the variables that influence every step in getting the product delivered to the end-customer. We push to discover and understand each and every variable in order to recommend, design, create and implement efficient ways of doing eCommerce for you.

To help you turn your idea into reality or help you take your business to the next level, we first need to understand your product and its value, then define everything required to build a solution tailored to your needs.

Next, everything required for building the solution for you is divided into user stories. Each story defines how a software feature will deliver a specific value to your customers.

After your project is divided into user stories, our software engineers estimate the effort required to develop or implement each of them.

We work in 3-week cycles called sprints. Each feature we build is added to your website or to your solution, only after it has been tested both by you and our software engineers.

We are offering support post-launch and you can choose for us to:

Continue the collaboration towards scaling the solution or the product launched.

Continue the collaboration by supporting and maintaining the solution or the product launched.

Once the solution or the product is launched, and we decide to end the collaboration, we make sure the handover process will be a successful one.









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