Workplace of the year award goes to... Distancify

Science Park Skövde's Workplace of the Year Award goes to... DISTANCIFY!

Distancify has been awarded the Workplace of the Year prize by Science Park Skövde! We are happy and excited, and we will continue being a role model for all the companies in the Park and not only!

During his thank-you speech, Kristoffer Lindvall described the workplace using the best words: "We have so much fun at work! Whenever we feel down, we go to work and instantly feel better, happier." And that's true - you'll never see a sour face in our office! Moreover, at Distancify, the employees are seen as the most important resource and are being taken care of as whole persons.

"Training together as a team, flexible solutions, and celebrating success are key factors that contribute to this company not only being the best workplace of the year, but also a role model for the entire Science Park Skövde."

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